We are 360° In-Store Marketing consultant to project,
produce and manage every display solution

The group

The group, composed by the companies Artigrafiche Reggiane & Lai, FAG Artigrafiche, Espo&Cartotec and PGE, takes advantage of 4 establishments in the north Italy, of a production area of 65.000 square meters, a turnover of more than 110 million € and about 430 employees.

Work in cardboard branch since 50 years, and is qualified in the production of paperboard package and of high added value package. AGR competitive advantage is found in his performing and advanced machinery inventory and in established competence due to long time experience on issue such as security, food and cosmetic with high level production.

Is the company in the group which is skilled in design of cardboard solutions in the wolrd of coupled cardboard packaging and of industrial displays of medium and big printing. The efficient and dynamic technical office works in order to propose industrial solutions that can satisfy every aesthetic, functional and logistics requirement. Moreover, the most modern machineries guarantee flexibility and reactivity in delivery time. In order to provide customers with a research and development advanced service in cardboard solutions, FAG created FAG LAB division, which is dedicated to reserach, development and innovation.

Is the company skilled in In-store Marketing promotion and produces complete display solutions which range from window boards to the most complex display island that can be also interactive. From design to assembling in the point of sale, the company guarantees quality and monitoring for the promotions, adding craftmanship to the most modern technologies, making every display a unique and original piece.

Is the company dedicated to design and production of every long-lasting and multi-material display solution. A team of technical and creative designers works to offer a 360° service to the customer: from conception to the arrangement.Thanks to knowledge of the point of sale and of consumer’s behavior during the purchase, PGE cooperates with companies as InStore Marketing consultant. The great knowledge of the material allows the warranty of solutions’ flexibility and products’ originality.

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Per i progetti Multimediali e Interattivi abbiamo una struttura specializzata all’interno del nostro gruppo: Intertouch Interactive Solutions


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